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educator & activist

Courtney Skaggs


My Story

This is me. I hid for 27 years and now I’m finally proud enough to authentically live my life in public. I am intersex. My body is beautiful. I am INDOMITABLE!

EVERYONE needs to be seeing your story, intersex is so underrepresented and misunderstood and you bring such a beautiful and informative light to the experience 💕 you’re seen, you’re brave, you’re beautiful!

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My Journal

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Demeaned & Dismissed

Demeaned & Dismissed

Demeaned & Dismissed My Mormon Intersex Experience Deconstruction of my mormon life began in 2017 and came to a climax last week. This is my experience as an intersex mormon. I grew up a devout Mormon hiding. My identity had been repressed by me because I had been...

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CXY Courtney My Intersex Story

CXY Courtney My Intersex Story

This is my coming out video originally aired July 16, 2020. Hi I’m Courtney, your typical ex-mormon lesbian who happens to be intersex! Well, maybe not exactly typical. From the beginning of time we have bucketed humans, animals, and even plants into male and female....

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Do you have questions? Do you want to know more about what it is to be intersex? Reach out to me, I will be happy to point you in the right direction or share my experience with you.

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educator & Activist